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What features set a quality safe apart?
At Hyatt's we have a very stringent set of standards for the safes we carry. Specifically, we look for the following five features:

  1. Bolt Coverage on all Four Sides of the Door: This prevents pry attacks and increases strength. It also increases a safe's fire protection rating.
  2. Reliable and Accredited Fire Ratings: 45 minute minimum, UL (Underwriter's Laboratory) Fire Rate. Some safe brands promise better fire ratings, but use outdated or unacceptable standards to artificially increase their fire ratings.
  3. Solid Steel Plate Doors: This further increases fire rating, as well as preventing a criminal from bending or warping the door.
  4. Reinforced Door Frame: A door is only as strong as the frame holding it.
  5. Solid Steel Bodies of 12-Gauge or Thicker Steel: The smaller the gauge number, the thicker the steel is on a safe body. Twelve gauge steel makes a safe more fire and theft resistant. Twelve gauge steel also bends and stretches but will not break when attacked with sharp instruments. Can you guess what an axe will do a thinner 14-gauge safe body?

If you have guns, you need a way to protect them from fire, and more importantly from unauthorized use. Tens of thousands of guns are stolen each year to be sold on the street and used in crimes. Don't become another statistic, visit the area's largest safe showroom and let Mitch, Adam or Bam Bam help you find the perfect safe for your needs.

The protection of your personal property is not something to leave to chance. The police may catch a criminal, but they cannot replace family heirlooms, photographs, important documents. Plus, with identity theft on the rise, it's always wise to protect your personal documents.

Police reports indicate that when a thief sees a safe they generally leave without taking a thing. They're left to mumble, "Anything of value is probably in that safe and we don't have the time or the tools, so let's just go to the next house."

Hyatt's safe shop stocks the top brands of safes, including American Security, Champion, Gardall, GunVault and many others, and we have several hundred safes in stock in our showroom, as well as onsite warehouse.

Need your safe delivered and installed? No problem. Our safe delivery crew is licensed and bonded and is led by a Mecklenburg County Deputy Sheriff of 15+ years. Our safe delivery service is as it should be: safe and secure. Delivery fees start at $135 and depend on weight, difficulty of the installation and mileage.

Many people ask why we don't drop ship safes. The simple answer is that in our experience, more headaches for the customer are caused when a safe is shipped due to delivery mishaps, scheduling and, most of all, damaged merchandise.

So, if you're outside our delivery area, we urge you to find a local safe dealer. Not only will they be able to deliver your safe, but they'll easily be able to service all of your needs after the sale.

So you've decided that you need a safe. What Now?
Buying a safe is an important and somewhat difficult decision. There are literally hundreds of retailers out there getting into the safe-selling business. However, the many "box stores" that sell safes are, in many ways, touting Security on Sale.

Comparing Safes can be very difficult, but choosing one that fits your needs doesn't have to be! Let the experts here at Hyatt Safes show you the difference between brands and models in the simplest terms possible. We want to help you find the safe that will safeguard your valuables from the many dangers posed by today's world, whether your concern is fire, theft, or both. When starting your search, don't just compare safes against one another. Determine what level of protection you need and look for safes that have the ratings and features that you want.

Here are a few questions to help you get started, which highlight certain ratings and features that different safes offer:

What fire rating do I need?
We recommend 30-60 minutes minimum for guns, and 90 minutes or better for important documents, coin collections and antiques. Small fire boxes can always be added for specific items. Of course, the higher the fire rating, the better.


I have a budget in mind, and can't decide between two models and sizes. If I get the smaller safe, I can get a higher fire rating; but if I get the next model down, I can get a safe twice the size for the same price. What should I choose: Fire Rating or Size?
This can be one of the most difficult decisions when it comes to purchasing a safe. It has been our experience after selling safes for over 30 years that SIZE is the most important decision. The one complaint that we hear from safe owners is that their safe is too small. We see people every day who are either thinking of purchasing a second safe or trading up for a bigger size. We recommend planning for what size you will need in 5 years, not just now. Buying one size larger than you think you need now allows for new items to be added later.



I have found a cheap gun safe, but it is not UL Listed. Is it a good safe?
The short answer is No. Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) requires that the steel body of a safe be 12 gauge or thicker (the smaller the gauge number, the thicker the steel). This is important both in fire and theft situations, because the strength of the steel is the primary determinant of a safe's performance.


The safe I am looking at has external hinges. Can't a thief just cut off the hinges and take the door off?
No. Any safe that is UL listed and has external hinges must have a locking mechanism on both sides of the door, so that the door will not come off even if the hinges are cut off. The thief actually just wasted a lot of time if he cut off you hinges. Most safe manufacturer warranties will cover any damage caused by theft attempts or fire.


I want to put my safe upstairs. Will the floor hold it?
It is our experience that 900 pounds is about the maximum limit for a safe's weight if it is going upstairs. Most safes are designed with a large enough footprint that spreads the stress on the floor around, much like a refrigerator. This is why we recommend purchasing a safe from a local retailer and having it delivered by professional safe installers, like those employed by Hyatt Safes.


How do I get my safe home, and put it where I want it?
Hyatt's has a professional, licensed & bonded delivery service. Our team will put the safe exactly where you want it, level the safe so the door does not swing open and closed on its own, install accessories, set custom combinations and bolt your safe down. Please pick up one of our delivery sheets in our showroom to determine cost of delivery.


Can I purchase a safe online?
The short answer to this question is a definitive No. Safes are inherently heavy articles and require very careful shipping. It's been our experience that shipping a safe will usually result in damaged merchandise and an unhappy customer. This is why we do not drop ship safes.


How can I determine a safe's ability to survive a theft attempt?
This is the hardest question to answer in the safe industry. Every brand and model will have slightly different features to counter a theft attempt. The main features that you will want to ask about are:

  • Bolt Coverage
  • Re-Locker / Anti Drill Assembly
  • Lock-Box Assembly
  • Body Thickness
  • Door Thickness (a 2" composite door may be weaker than a 1/4 inch steel plate door)
  • Liner Composition (fireboard or even concrete


I've read so many safe catalogs, but still can't decide!
Reading a company's literature about its own products always makes choosing difficult. The only way to really compare safes is by looking at them in person. That is why Hyatt Safes carries a variety of manufacturers and models - so we can show you the difference!


Please come by and let us assist you in selecting the right product!

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